A new look at moving averages

In his article, Morozov gives comparison of the effectiveness of various technical indicators. He concludes that the effectiveness of the simultaneous use of multiple oscillators in the analysis of the market is low, and the signals generated from various oscillators are similar. The author offers a new approach to technical analysis ("area method"). Novelty can more accurately predict the beginning of a correction following the trend or change in trend.

How should the Sorcerer's Stone?

Transactions with various financial instruments that are at first glance very attractive, become more familiar with them often cause their complete rejection. This is due to give the first loss and, more importantly, lack of understanding of how to overcome bad luck. This particularly applies to the transactions in the market FOREX.

The truth is, of course, lies in the middle. FOREX market is risky, but no more than any other type of business where necessary initial investment.

Business on FOREX chetko now divided into two subspecies, so to speak. First - it is actually trading in this segment of the financial market. Second - is trained in the trade.

Without training, of course, nowhere to be, but here it takes quite peculiar forms. As the wish to work on FOREX increases and the number of people ready for $ 200-3000 (depending on the untwisted name) to teach you the techniques, c through which you supposedly can become a millionaire in a relatively short period of time. This kind of philosopher's stone sellers and builders of Babel towers are very well described in the famous book by Elder "How to play and win at the stock exchange." The author asked readers quite a fair question, "If you had a trading system that allows the probability significantly more than 50% win, would you trade this system or tried to get rich themselves? '. The answer is obvious. It should be noted that in the West course on mastering the techniques of making millions are usually no more than $ 5,000, which is not much higher than the salary of the average American in a month. The number of millionaires there needs to grow exponentially, which, unfortunately, is not observed. I suspect that foreign gurus have made it to the state of the sale of its methods, and the names of the books, not the actual trading, though they claim otherwise, stopping in Russia to find the names of new customers - and this is already written "BC" [1]. In reality, the current trading system, unfortunately, is rarely sold.

Please note that books by Western authors on Analysis of the currency market is often very expensive and suffer a lot of "water", ie lyrical digressions, no practical value.

Native authors book more informative and often contain some interesting new ideas, such as the well-known, endured two editions, a very useful monograph VN Yakimkin "The financial dealings."

Variations on a theme

Naturally, I am not in any way deny the use of any form of education. Just have a certain degree of healthy skepticism to treat people who suffer for your money means you much good, supposedly able to retrieve this money in unlimited quantities and very quickly. Consider drawing. It shows graphs of the best known oscillators RSI, Momentum and Stochastic, which are represented with the same period (in this case 13). As can be seen from the figure, distinguished from RSI Momentuma impossible.