Trade rules will ensure your success

98. Before you want to solve a problem, you have to put it in front.

99. Never, unless requested not advice, and never boast victories.

100. Big money is made on the big move. "I have never made money desire - just perseverance." Very seldom are people right at the same time, and patience. Market can not they win, they win against themselves. You need to have the courage to defend their belief and patience to consciously wait.

101. Buy in a growing market - the easiest way to purchase. Buy on moving up, moving down to sell.

102. Commodities are never too expensive to buy them, and are never too cheap to sell them. However, after the first transaction did not work out the second, if the first did not bring profit.

103. Use the motto: "Big money is coming from the big move." Regardless of the initiating pulse, to create a movement, it has to go so fast and for so long as the determining force impact.

104. In the long term, prices for commodities are governed by one law - supply and demand.

105. On a narrow market does not make sense to wait for what the next jump in the market - up or down.

106. Loss had not irritate me after I fixed it. I forget about them the next morning. But, when you make mistakes and not fixing the damages, I'm doing what destroys the wallet and soul.

107. It is very profitable - to study their mistakes.

108. Of all the errors in speculation the worst: to sell assets that show a profit, and keep losing positions.

109. To get a good deal, it is important to know yourself thoroughly. For speculators no money can not measure the price of this knowledge. Knowing yourself will save him from the conceit.

110. There is nothing new in commodities. Rules of the game do not change - as well as human nature.

111. In a bear market is wise to have coverage for unexpected developments.

112. The principles of successful speculation commodities based on the assumption that people in the future will make the same mistakes that they did in the past.

113. In a bull market, especially during the boom, the public is making money, later losing them because of what is on the market.

114. Bull market daily food needs, the bear rather than once a week.

115. Stay away - also a position.

116. Do not forget about the Federal Reserve.

117. If you do not know where you are, you can not know where to go.

118. Dangerous to underestimate how much time it will take the market to go in the opposite direction when it is growing.

119. Never buy the first rise and never sell on the first drop.

120. Know that the best interest in the market's reaction to the news, rather than the information itself.

121. Do not get carried away with diversification - focus on a few contracts. A large number of tools reduces the amount of money that you can operate on each of them, and requires much more attention.

122. Do not count on help from above, when trading in the market.

123. Do not rush to a certain minimum and maximum market. Provide market yourself to tell you about it.