Amazing Money Southern Seas

The money can be different - from small shells and animal tusks to two meters in diameter millstone weighing 5 tons. Combines them to exchange any product in the "hierarchical ranking" of the territory and the passion of people for enrichment. The author paints a fabulous scene in the spirit of Jack London and imparts to us a taste pradengam.

Down - to balance

In the seventeenth century, European geographers believed that the southern part of the planet must be the mainland. Just have to be, otherwise the earth would turn over under the weight of other continents. They even schematically applied it to his hand. But in vain brave sailors plied the Pacific Ocean. They could get only the island, and then occasionally. But surprisingly, many of the grains of sand, lost in the vast space of salt water, were inhabited.

Some islands, lush, with friendly people, seemed weary wanderers paradise. Other stone, smoking after volcanic eruptions, with the natives, and covered with a stunning tattoo commit heinous rituals of cannibalism - limbo. No one knew then that humanity has been able to look into the primal childhood. Notes pioneers truly invaluable to ethnographers. Although travelers least tried to help scientific research. Rather, they have attracted an amazing way of life of Aboriginal and curious customs.

Civilization ruthlessly went through the primitive culture, destroying the ancient traditions, and ancient peoples. Only in some places, is not of interest to industry, mineral-poor or terrible weather conditions, are still preserved with the primitive society lifestyle. Surprisingly, these people are the seeds of our social ills and problems. In their relations can be defined as developing "adult" industrial and financial relations. So - amazing money the South Seas.

Is there a problem? Look for pig

Even when all the necessary self-sufficient in a tiny village itself, it may not fully protect itself from the outside world. Anyway need to arrange their relations with their neighbors. If you live in the north of implacable enemies, then you need to look for allies in the south. You can not quarrel with everyone. On a friendly meeting of tribal hosts and guests exchange gifts. Both sides are closely watching to gifts to the value of match. It is only one step to the trade, that is mutually beneficial trade.

And, of course, women. In fierce human experience, make sure that closely ties to anything good, except degeneration, not lead. Therefore, the women tried to take the part. And if in your own tribe is not required number of girls for equivalent exchange? So, we need to give something else.

Most valuable, after a woman, of course, was the only pet that bred for meat - pig. That pig was the first ever and the most valuable currency. On the islands, where there is no big game where the holiday - when it is possible to eat plenty of meat, pigs have become a symbol of wealth. This is not too noble wildlife levy fines for violations. Sacrificing a pig on a public feast, a person to become undisputed authority. With the pigs could make their way to power. And, of course, women. For his wife had to pay only the pigs. To get pigs, some Papuans were even in contact with the white man. They descended from the mountains and worked on banana plantations. A salary Hebrides franc and the Australian dollar, with that money bought pigs. Because it's time to get married.