Russia's leadership in question

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Russia leads the world in the production of platinum group metals (PGM). However, price fluctuations on the world market, reducing the cost of exploration activities and lagging countries in the modernization of production PGE is highly questionable in the development of this industry in Russia. Uncertainty of expert forecasts further complicated by the fact that data on the production and export of IPY is mostly classified and measured indirectly.

Platinum market

On reserves and production of platinum group metals Russia ranks second in the world after South Africa. In recent years, Russia has been some increase in the extraction of these metals. Russia's supply of platinum in the world market in 2001 increased by 18% to 40.4 tonnes.

The vast majority of platinum reserves (about 99%) is concentrated in the copper-nickel deposits of Norilsk ore district (Taimyr Autonomous District). Less than 1% accounted for by deposits in the Murmansk region. In the platinum placers of the Urals, Koryak, Yakutia and Khabarovsk Krai also contains less than 1% of the total reserves. It reserves consist mainly of platinum. The role of other complex deposits in the overall balance too low.

Copper-nickel deposits, mainly Norilsk ore district, has 88.5% of platinum production in the country. The forecast increase the resource potential and to increase production of platinum group metals in 2002-2010 associated with increased retrieval of disseminated copper-nickel ores in the Noril'sk region, increasing reserves of placer platinum in areas of unique quality fields in North Koryakia (placer creek Levtyryrynyvayam and p . Ice), Khabarovsk (mine Conder) and the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia (Inaglinsky deposit). Global demand for platinum in 2001 increased compared to the previous year by 5% - to record levels. Metal consumption increased in most areas of its use. The greatest increase in demand observed by the manufacturers of catalytic converters, filters, car exhaust, helped by the introduction of more stringent environmental standards in Europe, as well as the preference for platinum, palladium, as opposed to the production of catalytic systems for diesel automobile engines.

Recently in Europe, the popularity of diesel cars, which use is based solely on the use of platinum catalytic converters, filters exhaust. Expected in the future, as in the U.S. will rise the demand for such cars. In addition, the platinum group metals are used in electrochemical generators that are used as stand-alone power plants. Currently in the United States, a program of construction of such stations in hospitals, to avoid the impact of possible disruptions to the central power supply.

Global demand for platinum in the chemical industry decreased due to reduced sales of catalysts used in the production of benzene and paraxylene. In addition, reducing the consumption of platinum in this area was due to reduced demand for nitrogen fertilizers, which resulted in the U.S. and Europe have been shut down businesses that profile.