Russia's leadership in question

Because of falling global production of personal computers reduced demand for platinum from the producers of hard disk drives. Reducing consumption of this metal in the jewelry industry due to a decline in consumer demand for jewelry and high prices. From manufacturers of jewelry demand is relatively stable in Switzerland (for hours) and in China. In the U.S., platinum is the most popular among the producers and consumers of bridal jewelry, in particular, remains robust demand for platinum wedding rings.

Significantly increased the consumption of platinum in the glass industry. Mainly - through the construction of new facilities for the production of high-quality glass for use in liquid crystal displays. World prices for platinum, peaking in December 2000, during the first eight months of 2001, gradually declining. September 11, 2001, it seemed, had to reverse this trend, to create interest of investors in precious metal and, as a consequence, a sharp rise in prices, but the expert predictions have come true only in part, as the economic downturn in the United States adversely affected the automotive and electronics industries - major consumers of industrial platinum, and the population has to invest in a more familiar and liquid gold.

According to experts, the key to Russia are the problems of development of mineral resources of platinum group metals. Among them, the main - the problem of selective treatment of the richest ores, which in the short term can lead to a decrease in the content of platinum group metals in ores mined and reduce their production. Another problem is the use of traditional methods of enrichment of copper-nickel ore with associated extraction of platinum group metals, which leads to significant losses of comparable to the production of all schlich platinum placer deposits.

Increase in recovery of platinum group metals will increase profitability and to engage in the processing of disseminated ores and low-sulphide horizons tops deposits. Not yet implemented prospects platinum horizons upper zones of deposits, change the global environment necessitates PGE geological and economic re-evaluation of disseminated ores as platinum-palladium proper raw materials, especially as part of the reserves suitable for open development.

Since the late 70's to 1990, the increase in reserves of platinum group metals while not compensated prey, but provided them with reproduction at 85-89%. Reduction of exploration in the following years led to a sharp decline in growth stocks. According to some experts, on the basis of the possible development of production in the next decade, the rate of reduction of domestic stocks is 1.5-2 times higher than the estimated figures. In the absence of reserves growth and the introduction of new production facilities can occur decline in production of platinum group metals in the country, and then Russia will no longer occupy the leading position in the global market PGE.

Palladium market

Major world supplier of palladium is Russia, providing two thirds of all supplies of the metal. In the 90 years of the country are shipped as newly produced metal and the material from reserves formed in previous years. Uncertainty about the value of these stocks and the potential magnitude of sales contributed significantly to the instability in metal prices, especially in the period of increasing consumption.