Trade rules will ensure your success

72. Stay calm and keep cool mindset when trading in large amounts.

73. Market Forecast - the most volatile. So put your feet wider and give the market more space, so you do not fall, and not waiting for the direction you want.

74. A reassessment of its position in the market, if the graphics and deteriorating fundamentals do not match your expectations.

75. Above all, be mentally prepared for any disaster of each trading day - from morning to evening.

76. Do whatever it takes to stay on top of the market, where you trade.

77. Be sure that the market is stronger than you. Do not try to fight the market.

78. Beware of the big deals that could take your feelings and emotions out of balance. In other words, do not be too aggressive with respect to the market. Treat it with respect, allowing his assets to grow smoothly, without sudden jumps.

79. Remember, capital preservation perhaps more important than its increase.

80. If the market is left to you, and you're late for a moment, still should try to jump on the last car, despite the fact that it can be difficult and dangerous.

81. Hard work of understanding the main factors determining the behavior of the market in which you operate. In other words, the harder you work, the more successful trading.

82. Remember, it is better to several profitable trades per year on large market movements and timely exit from a profit than regular trade.

83. Do not let every minute or day market scope to influence your approach to the market direction.

84. Define the purpose of each transaction at the time of entry and exit from the market as soon reach it. Do not be greedy!

85. Remember that for many commodities policy is more important than the economy.

86. Never add to a losing position.

87. Be careful when working at the extremes of the market.

88. Closing on Friday at the top - a buy signal! Important information often occurs at the end of the week. If on Monday the trend does not continue, change direction.

89. Deytreyding trip - a single.

90. Think about how much you can lose. Calculate the ratio of profit / loss prior to the transaction. Strive to ensure that the potential gain at least three times superior to possible losses.

91. If all of a sudden most of the bulls to go long - beware.

92. If you have a good position, and all the news seemed too good to be true - it is better to take profits.

93. Clerk, reminds you of the margin - your best friend.

94. News will always follow the market.

95. You always earn when starting, you are assured of success. Stay in the market, when things are favorable to you. Play by the rules. If you take someone else's rules of the game - you lose. There are fools who make mistakes all the time, from commodities fool thinks he needs to trade without stop.

96. The market there is only one side of it - not a bull or a bear, it is - the right side.

97. You must believe in yourself and in your settings if you want to survive in this game.