Four sectors of the financial market

Part 1. Goods market and the bond market In the financial market can be divided into four main sectors of stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. Novice traders specialize, usually on one particular market. That is understandable beginner does ... педофилия

"Elementary Particles" price charts

Analysis of classical figures in a new light Consider the classic analysis of candles in light of the proposed methodology. We will try to determine why not fire the classic formation. Pay special attention to the reversal pattern. For example,... Труба восстановленная 377х10

Trading system based on price ranges

The system LinRegr_extr sign of deviation is hit three times in a row of candles inside the extremes of the range. If three consecutive candles have a high lower than the expected value (line TSF (high)), it opens a short position, as the price is pr...

Hedge funds minimal risk

At present, many hedge funds have provided ordinary investors access to your tools. Depositors are seriously interested in the activities of hedge funds and want to invest their money in them, it is worth pre understand for a number of things: - W...

Trading system based on price ranges

Therefore, they can be basic tactics sale price on a pullback from the border inside the range. Protective orders in this case it is natural to set abroad (some examples marked lines in the figure), and the opposite boundary can serve as a guide to f...

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