Trade rules by Jack Schwager

The third rule You care, where the bank invests your money. Russian banks make their money primarily on commercial lending to corporate clients. Thus, the depositor of the bank to some extent act as a lender of the real economy. He is known to be ... Торгове обладнання

A new method to smooth edges of price charts

The authors consider a new method to detect trends of price charts using autoregressive moving, adaptive to the unknown a priori laws of their formation. The method allows to eliminate some low sensitivity of moving averages and the effect of shiftin... Autonics

Unpredictable market? Per aspera ad astra

As soon as the stock market has played an important role not only in the economy but also in politics and social life, began to watch him not only neposredstvennye members, but also people who have no direct relation to the market. The bankruptcy of ...

Trade rules by Jack Schwager

58. The breakdown of the trading range, followed by a return to the deep range (for example, three-quarters or more within the range) - another significant form of a bull or a bear trap. 59. If the apparent V-trough should Consolidation nearby for...

Trade rules will ensure your success

124. Keep perspective. Trees do not grow to the sky, and the values do not depreciate to zero. What are the rumors? What are the latest high-low? Interest rates on loans? Interest on the loan is not necessarily a price bottom. Rate prices CAS (Sommod...

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