Indecision and paralysis trader

Attempt to integrate other information before you have mastered the market, almost always leads to indecision. What I'm talking about here focus on one market, it is necessary to overcome indecision, increase the depth of knowledge of the chosen mark... Эталон моды Christian Diorздесь

The story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia and royal trillion

This is what we have established the central bank of America! I go to the Duma office of the chairman of the Foundation Dergausova Yu. First of all, I was introduced to Dementsevym B., a man known in Soviet times. Once he was a deputy finance mini... доставка алкоголя санкт-петербург найти описание в каталоге

Where the roots of success, and what constitutes success

There is another aspect that contribute to or facilitate the influence of psychological factors. Surely you've seen the recommendation in textbooks or heard these things from the well-known "guru" that you should not run on borrowed money or all the ...

Where the roots of success, and what constitutes success

The main barrier - you It is not difficult to master the technique, learn to work with programs that focus in the market and even purchase flair and intuition to make the right decision. But here's to cope with them, and be adequate to the situati...

Operation Short Sell - Trade with air?

In the past two years, even in a bear market, the number of sales of securities "uncoated" markedly below those conducted purchases. Apparently, this is due to rigid rules of trade "bare", not allowing the trader to sell at the best from his point...

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