Floor reflections on trading

Formula Risk / Reward is objective in its relation to the market and created in order to keep you in the game regardless of the outcome on as long as possible. That's why traders shun such formulas. Most traders eventually lose all their capital in a... canadian drug companies

CandleCode alive!

If we imagine that the same candles are black (it is enough to turn the time axis in the figure in the opposite direction), then the bearish nature A candle will be even more pronounced than with B. For black candle option A will have code 0010100 = ... Парапсихология обучение онлайн

Mercury with an Asian face

It should be emphasized that the Bogor Declaration is not binding for the Member States and APEC is more of a general policy document, as well as all previous activities APEC. To achieve the political goal is the summit in Bogor in November 1994 for ...

Dinosaurs monetary system

Currency board was born in the British Empire in the XIX century. After World War II, most of the newly formed government decided to change currency on the institutions of the central bank. However, in 1990 currency board back "from time immemorial" ...

To finish the piece for a mechanical system

Example 2. In solving problems of traders also no question of the relationship between the scale of oscillations and the measurement resolution. We can show that if the logic of the empirical values of the same order as the period of oscillation, the...

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